Yoga and Exercises to Reduce Stretch Marks


After delivery, whether normal or C-section, the figure of a woman changes quite drastically and mostly the abdomen is affected producing a pot belly or protruded one. This change takes a lot of time to recover, specially the stretch marks that forms over the belly region giving a very bad appearance cosmetically and induces itching over the area that becomes medically disapproving.

So in order to get rid of these stretch marks, many a times women adapt various techniques and one such is yoga.

Yoga has been found to be the traditional form of exercise which can be performed to reduce stretch marks as it helps to tone up the abdominal muscles.

Some of the yoga postures that can be adopted are-
  1.   Sirsasan – This can be difficult to do initially but once practised, it gives very quick results. Helps strengthen the lower limbs and abdomen and thigh muscles.
  2.   Triconasan- Standing with one leg support and body stretched towards ceiling helps toning of the abdomen
  3.   Pranayam (deep breathing) – Breathing through nose and exhaling through mouth with small bouts help retain the original muscle length.
  4.  Surysnamaskar can overall reduce the fat deposit around the abdomen and trunk, and helps maintain the contour of the muscles to reduce stretch marks.
  5. Ardhachandrasan(half moon pose) – This pose helps to tighten the side trunk and abdomen muscle and helps reduce side trunk fat to reduce stretch marks.

These poses should be practised twice daily, in the morning and in the evening time. Sufficient ventilation and loose clothing should be chosen. Yoga mat should be used .

Apart from yoga physiotherapy plays an important role in toning of the flabby abdominal muscles after delivery.

These stretch marks looks prominent on loose and fatty areas of abdomen.

Some of the exercises that can be practised are mentioned below-

1)  Strengthening exercises – Lying flat on back on a mat, raising both the legs straight in air up to 45 degrees and maintaining the position for 10 seconds. It can be repeated for 10 times twice daily .

  • Using weights like weight cuffs ( up-to 5 kg) in the same above mentioned position can also be done.
  • Crunches and lunges can be practised.
  • Strengthening exercises with gym balls. Lying flat on back with both legs placed on the gym ball with knee straight. Now press down the ball with both the legs thereby putting pressure on the abdomen

2)  Walking and jogging Can help reduce excessive fat deposits and helps shaping up the body.

3)  Resisted exercises with wall press – Lying on floor, knees flexed to 90 degrees and feet supported on wall. Now press the wall, this strengthens lower leg muscles and lower abdominal area. 

4)  Theraband exercises – Various Therabands are available in the market. These can be used to take control of the stretch marks.

5)  Pilates – Various forms of Pilates like The hundreds, scissors, Criss cross can act on the affected area and can produce remarkable changes.

6)  Side trunk rotation — deep breathing along with side crunches.

7)  Stretching of tight muscles for antagonist muscles, can aid


A physiotherapy massage session using olive oil involving stroke, effleurage, kneeding, circular motions can also help reduce stretch marks.

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