How to Choose the Right Sport for Your Child?



The very idea of getting your child involved in an organized sport may sound very promising but have you figured out what sport is going to be best for her? Up to 6 years of age, a child should be allowed to play all kinds of games which he wants to explore—tennis, football, swimming, basketball—there is a whole range to choose from. This is the best time for him to evaluate his inclinations, boost him physical and mental abilities, his interests and then judge which sport to get into. As a parent, you need to strike the right balance between like for a sport and necessity of a sport.

How to decide on the right sport :

  • Talk to your child – If you have a game in mind, ask your child, what he likes about the game, how he wants to play, how he wants to succeed in that sport etc.
  • Talk to the coach about the interest of your child – Let your child and the coach discuss each other’s requirements. Your child should clearly convey how he chose this one while the coach should give a brief outline of what exactly goes into that particular game. The coach should be confident about the age appropriateness of the child for the sport.
  • Play solo first – Let your child play solo first so that the coach identifies what his shortcomings are and where her strengths lie. Basis that the coach will be able to guide you whether your kid is ready to pick up that sport or not.
  • Introducing the child to the team – Exchange of ideas among peers, getting the child used to the team and the new environment will give him confidence to decide if he wants to continue with it.
  • Right Approach to the sport – Warm up and cool down session should be made a mandatory. Teaching the right approaches like how to improve skills, to achieve goals, to lead or be a team-player, when to go ahead and when to wait for the right moment, etc is important. 

Basis the above pointers, you, in consultation with your child, can pick up a suitable sport for him, since the benefits of Organised Sports are many:

  • Sports make your child more confident and disciplined. It improves his self-esteem.  They also help him to stay motivated and enthusiastic.
  • Sports make him more target oriented and improves efficiency.
  • Develops team spirit that improves cognitive as well as team/activity management skills. They also improve the social skills of the child.
  • They helps in developing motor skills, ensure cardiovascular fitness and stimulates muscle and bone development

But also remember that if your child wants to quit, you should respect his emotions and have a friendly conversation with him to know the reasons behind it and then work on it together. Also, take into account that the child has many other responsibilities to complete as well—school work, hang out with friends, and just be himself. So do not pressurize him too much, instead try and find a balance for him so that nothing gets neglected.

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