Services for Schools

Partner with us for holistic healthcare solutions for the students. Help us build a healthy society through healthy students – bring the change. Also, gain a competitive advantage.

Health Checkup

Regular and comprehensive health checkup for students as per Board guidelines. We follow CBSE/ICSE and WHO guidelines for children preventive health checkups

  • Quality: Health checkups in partnerships with Tier-1 hospitals; established professionals do the checkup using State-of-the-art equipment
  • Efficiency: Operational excellence for minimal disruption to regular school activities. Multiple checkups throughout the year covering physical, ENT, eye, dental, psychology needs
  • Analysis: Analyze and respond to systemic issues through our dashboard view; comprehensive view of cluster data

Awareness Workshops

We help increase awareness among the school fraternity about various health and hygiene topics

  • Regular workshops for teachers and students; comprehensive coverage of psychological and academic topics ranging from bullying to exam pressure, personal and community hygiene
  • Let us help the teachers and students to manage all kind of stress in the school

Emergency Care

Helping schools respond to medical emergencies effectively

  • Get professional services from experienced nurses at school premises; comprehensive emergency care at network hospitals when required