Services for Parents

Health and Happiness at your fingertips. The happyDNA app is the One-Stop-Solution for all needs related to your child’s health. Get 24×7 access to doctors for primary care in pediatric, dental, eye, nutrition, psychology. Specific, customized, comprehensive service tailor-made for your child’s need.

Primary & Preventive Healthcare

happyDNA app is a “one-stop-solution” for all health requirements of your child – proactive and reactive.

  • Complete: 360-degree coverage of your child’s physical, mental and emotional health through physical, ENT, eye, dental checkups and  psychology, nutrition profiling; referral to network hospitals at special rates for checkups and treatments when needed
  • Regular: Through regular and comprehensive health checkup around the year
  • Convenient: All basic checkups for health monitoring done at school, don’t take those leaves to take the kid to clinic/hospital;
Health Monitoring

Not knowing does not help when child’s health is concerned. Use our easy-to-use app for systemic view of your child’s health status and needs.

  • Dashboard: Get a 360-degree view through a detailed and effective dashboard; we also analyze data to find specific issues
  • Alerts: Get all kind of vaccination alerts, trend checks and deviation alerts – rest easy that you will not miss a single shot
  • History: Tired of keeping the medical papers? Use our app to retrieve complete medical history, when you need, where you need, in a snap.
Mental Well-being

Give a happy life to your child. Utilize our unique predictive analysis for comprehensive assessment of mental health – detect problems early.

  • Screening: Individual screening for accurate identification of concerns; Q&A service for personal questions
  • Intervention: Obtain professional counseling from established psychologists through multiple modes of intervention – chat, call, F2F – in the app; Do not feel shy – our intervention delivery if through the app to be private, secure and anonymous, if you want.
  • Special Educators: If your child has special condition like dyslexia, ADHD? Then individually designed instructional program to meet their unique learning needs. Our special educators are available to help you.
Nutritional Coaching

Is your child a fussy eater or habituated with unhealthy food? Is your child focusing on Sports as career? Utilize our dieticians through the app to help and guide your child to healthy lifestyle through daily chats, voice consultation.

  • Virtual Nutri-coach: Use qualified dieticians through our app to guide you towards a healthy BMI; Get contextual, personalized guidance related to food, activities and fitness; Get customized diet-charts considering existing medical conditions like diabetes; Get daily coaching for eating habits
  • Genetic model based for sport nutrition: Use our path breaking nutritional guidance for sportspersons utilizing modern genetic analysis done with partnership with new-age genetics companies.
Parenting Solutions

Enjoy the parenting, not the stress

  • Seek help from our verified community of fellow parents in the app
  • Get professional help for specific questions and problems whenever needed
  • Obtain dedicated service from special educators for kids with special needs