Life Beyond Books


Nowadays parents want their children to get enrolled in top 5 schools of the city no matter how high the fees are or how tough the curriculum. This has created a cutthroat competition among children, leaving them with very little options to explore anything beyond studies. At every point in life, children are supposed to become well established, and that is possible only through good scorecards, a number of degrees, good education.

Yes, all these are important in life but have we ever thought, how much a child is interested in the same rat race that the parents want them to take part in? This creates a limitation, a boundary for the children.

Restriction is the word that we can use for this. The child does not get enough space to think about other things in life, leading to suppression of the talents, thought process, and ideas that take shape at the growing stage.

Education is life but life is not education alone. Every child cannot become a Doctor or an Engineer or a Scientist.The parents should try to understand that, children should be given freedom to think, to act independently, and to speak out what they want in life.

In this scenario, a teacher also plays an important role in providing guidance to the children at school. Most children between the age group of 10-15 years start developing intellectual capacity which reaches the peak at the age of 19-20 years which should be enhanced and given more opportunity to grow further.

The following are some points that should be implicated in day to day activities that will improve the behavior and the personality as a whole in a child (8-12 years) –

  • A routine of only 3 hours of study after school should be followed, so that the child is not over pressurized with the subjects. This also helps the child to memorize and remember the chapters more easily and for a longer time.
  • The parents should encourage children to overcome the fear of getting poor marks in school and should focus more on the positive aspect of moving on with motivation and building a bright future with hope and determination.
  • Parents should talk in a friendly gesture with children at the age of 16-18 years about the outer world, differentiating between good and bad actions, helping others and keeping a balance with each activity they do, along with career building.
  • The child should be given freedom to revise the chapters according to his/ her own likes.
  • Interaction between the child and parent is very important because it helps the child to share his thoughts and ideas with the parents so that they can help him achieve that.
  • Counseling should be done by the parents every day on topics like safety, recreational activities, how to become a good person in life, besides studies.
  • The parents should be aware of what is going on in the society, the latest information and general knowledge and accordingly they should teach their children about it.
  • Parents should take life in a preparatory form and open more windows for learning to their children and should avoid limiting to books and marks only.
  • They should be given space to play outdoor games, and indoor games like chess, Sudoku, etc which improves their thinking power.
  • The child should be encouraged to communicate more with other children, have good and interactive time with them rather than isolating themselves to study at home. This decreases the mental activity in children, as they get confined only to the books and nothing apart from that.

Coming to the school curriculum, the following points should be noted in every educational institution-

  • An individual 2 hour class of activity and communication should be made compulsory for children between 8-10 years of age.
  • Outdoor sports, playing as a team with other children, help the child to learn more and use his thinking capacity more frequently.
  • Games like questionnaire, quiz, etc. improves IQ level of the child.
  • Exercises and fitness programmes should be incorporated twice or thrice in a week which improves overall strength and immunity of a child and boosts the self-confidence.
  • Children should be encouraged to participate in Dance, drama, singing, and comedy plays. Such kind of co-curricular activities brings out originality.
  • The teacher should guide and promote the strengths of a child and should never punish him for shortcomings.

Children are like small buds ready to bloom like a flower, but during the phase of blooming they should be nurtured, pampered and observed carefully as well, so that they know the importance of living, loving and growing. Every child becomes a great person and earns his livelihood but he should be taught to become a good human being, a confident person so that he can face the world with any kind of failing situation.

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