Very often we try to get our children involved in some sort of physical activity or exercise for the sake of their growth and development. But children have their own interest in different kinds of activities or games.
Cycling is one such kind of an exercise which is very much playful and also a great source of strength training for children. They get easily interested to see other children riding a small bicycle and the very sight makes them wish to have one for themselves. It can be advantageous for the parents to allow the children to have their own bicycle which not only acts as a fun play for recreation but also a great source of health requirement.
There are various health benefits of cycling, when initiated at the age of 5-6 years. Some of the benefits are stated below-
Increases immunity in children
Improves strength of the muscles.
Facilitates secretion of good hormones which is required for the correct functioning of the vital organs.
Helps in bone growth and development
Helps increasing the height of children
Helps in socializing and creates healthy bonding like friendship
Affects the nervous system and improves concentration, co-ordination and mental stability
Enhances blood circulation on brain and other parts of the body
Improves the sensory and cognitive system
Organises the behavioural changes in a channelized manner.
Improves the lung capacity thereby exposing the respiratory system to more oxygen content.
Metabolic system and digestion improves, preventing gas formation and vomiting tendency in children.
Cycling not only improves the health condition of a child but also reduces the chance of the occurrence of many diseases like-

Anaemia- This occurs mostly in children who are less active and more inclined to home staying. Cycling improves blood supply to each body part thereby improving the haemoglobin content in blood.

Fatigue- Due to less activity level , children get tired easily after school hours and are not able to pay more attention to studies. So, cycling as a fun play, can reduce the symptoms of fatigue and make children more active.

Guillain Barre syndrome- It is a medical condition in which the extremities are mostly affected, thereby making them weak and fragile. This condition can be avoided by inculcating activities like cycling as the lower extremities are used mostly and improves the lymphatic system and maintains the muscle activity.

Weakness- The above mentioned conditions result in weakness of the entire body which reduces the health and development of a child.

Cold and Flu- Due to the lack of exposure to the outer world and environment, children are getting cold and flu every now and then. So, cycling can bring a biological eco-friendly situation between the children and the nature which helps fight against the germs and bacteria.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome- This is yet another condition in which the lung functioning reduces and a child undergoes forceful inspiratory and expiratory process. This can be improved by cycling which improves the lung capacity and endurance.

So, above stated are some very important health conditions that can be prevented by introducing cycling in children. As it influences children to develop a fellow feeling among their friends and a competitive spirit with racing on the cycle. So, this year, on his/her very birthday, get him a cycle as a surprise gift.

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