Importance of Career Counseling


“Hey, so what are you going to choose after 10th std?”, his friend asked curiously.

“Science.”, he whispered.

“But you hate Mathematics, don’t you?”, he dug more.

“Yes, I do but Uncle told me that it has more ‘scope’ than other streams.”, he replied sadly.

Conversations like these are not new. Most of us has been there and fallen victim to the tragedy it leads.

We live in 21st century. The way technologies has flourished in last two centuries and the way Globalization has taken over the world, it would be quite wrong to say that we don’t have enough career opportunities and platforms in today’s “online world”. We do. We have more than ever, but everybody is trying to take the “safe way”.

Why should I go for Career Counseling?

To avoid the worst choices you can make. In today’s generation career counseling is a boon. The standardized psychological assessments like ‘Aptitude Test”, “Personality Test”, “Interest Inventory” and “Intelligence Test” will help you in identifying your strengths, weaknesses and willingness in choosing a career.

Aptitude Test

It measures your cognitive abilities in different areas such as, verbal aptitude, spatial aptitude, numerical aptitude, mechanical reasoning, logical reasoning, abstract reasoning etc. There are good chances that you know in which area your mind works better but discovering career opportunities related to a certain area is not easy. For that, you will need a certified practitioner who can help you in exploring further options.

Personality Test

By now, you must have noticed in your surrounding how people are different from each other. How differently they behave or react to the same stimuli. It is because of the distinctive characteristics we possess in our temperament, physique, personality traits, values , beliefs and many more reasons. This test will help you in finding an appropriate and suitable career depending on your general traits. For example, someone who is calm and introverted will not adjust well becoming a footballer, right? This is a complete mismatch which is why this test will help you in eradicating minuscule differences which does not match with your personality.

Intelligence Test

As the name suggests, it measures your Intelligence level, that is, your IQ. We all have different levels. Some has more capacity to understand complex things, and some do not. That doesn’t mean that people with lower level of Intelligence don’t do well, they do, but in the area they are comfortable in. This test will help you in understanding where you stand. In cases of lower level of intelligence parents are counseled well on the limitations their children has. This also helps them in understanding their children and prevents them to stress over it further.

Interest Inventory

Interest inventories are the simplest of all the tests. By now, like others, you must have developed interests in some or the area. There are some things which you do well and some things which you haven’t completely explored yet. These interests are narrowed down on the basis of the above tests and the most suitable and likable options are presented in front of you.

After scoring all these tests, an interpretation is finalized comprising of all of the above areas and a few best suitable career paths are given to you on the basis of your likeness, willingness, ability and capability. As this process includes almost all the vital areas required, the chance of an unsatisfactory result is close to negligible.

Sense of Satisfaction

Remember the time your parents forced you to do some chores you despised? Now imagine doing that for the rest of your life and also as the only source to earn a living. Scary enough? Choosing a Career is mostly once in a lifetime thing. You will invest your time, money, resources, efforts etc and one day suddenly you will wake up and realize what you actually want to do but you are 32 years old now, how much effort will you be able to put in?

So a wise decision would be making your first career as your last career in which career counseling plays a crucial and effective role.

What else will it do for me?

Even though we are talking about relying on standardized tests and their scorings, the process isn’t as robotic as it sounds, rather more subjective. After the report is out, the counselor sits with you and listens about what you have to say for the present options and the conflicts your mind has been going through. Along with you, your parents are also counseled for the best options available considering the past, present and future of your life. Overall, it will help you in discovering your true potential, clear the doubts which you and your parents have, additionally will also provide the necessary support and motivate you for your future.

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