How to Make Your Child’s Favorite Biscuit House (4-5 years old)


PRESCHOOL is the perfect time to start S.T.E.M ACTIVITIES. Here is our unique way to make GINGERBREAD HOUSE inspired BISCUIT HOUSE. Though we used GRAHAM CRACKERS and PEANUT BUTTER, you can use any cookies you have in the home to replicate this activity. This EASY SCIENCE PROJECT is fun, engaging and encourages the preschoolers to enjoy a treat after finishing the SCIENCE PROJECT. Follow the easy steps to try it at home.

S.T.E.M is an educational exercise that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration in children by applying them together through simple activities at home. These are easy to perform by kids using readily available items at home.

This activity to build an Edible house is meant for kids between 4 – 5 years age.

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