How to make RECYCLED GUITAR for kids/ ENGINEERING Projects for KIDS/S.T.E.M. FOR Kindergarten (KG)


In this S.T.E.M. experiment, we focused on Recycling & Engineering. We used old ICECREAM-CONE box and build an INSTRUMENT(GUITAR) with that. Its an open-ended challenge as kids can make whatever instrument they like with trash (stuff in your house that’s no longer needed, but still useable) and reuse/build something of their own. Try this challenge at home with your kids so they can understand the concept of RECYCLING, as well as can spend time building something they liked to play with. S.T.E.M. is an educational exercise that combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration in children by applying them together through simple activities. These are easy to perform by kids using readily available items at home.

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