How To Keep Your Newborn’s Clenched Fists Clean


It is the human evolution that shows a natural tendency for a newborn to acquire a flexed position. The baby stays inside the mother’s womb in a tiny area that does not allow for stretching. As a result, when a baby is born, the most prominent flexed position can be noticed, is her clenched fists. Usually, after three months, the baby tries to open the fist to catch hold of things, move fingers and for other necessities.

However, during the first month, your baby is not yet able to open her fists as hand or finger movements require more developed nervous system. So don’t try to open the fist forcefully. Wait for her brain to be able to handle more complex functions.
But it is necessary to keep the little palms clean as often as possible in order to avoid stagnation of any dust or dead skin underneath it.

How to clean your baby’s clenched fists

  • Take a clean cloth or cotton ball, sterilise it before each use.
  • Now slowly open the clenched fists and wipe the palms, fingers, web spaces where mostly the dust gets piled up.
  • You can also use a bit of coconut oil to clean up.
  • Always use Luke warm water to clean up.
  • Leave the palm under open space after cleaning.
  • Do it every day.

Safety measures you should take when cleaning your baby’s fists

  • Do not use old clothes used beforehand to clean your baby’s clenched fists
  • Make sure that the water is not too hot, as it might damage the skin of the baby.
  • Do not rub her palm forcefully.
  • Never use sanitiser for your baby’s hands.
  • In case of the initial few days after delivery, you can use mittens during the day time, and while taking the baby out. But remove it at night for proper growth and ventilation and to avoid sweating as well.
  • In winter, mittens can be used day long.
  • Pay attention while cleaning up, do not try to open the clenched fists of your baby forcefully. As it is a natural phenomenon, babies tend to open up automatically at around three months.

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