Fun Activities for Children with Autism


Along with communication problem, there are other sign and symptoms as well, which are seen in Autistic children. These are sensory motor system problem, Postural, Balance and co-ordionation, neuromuscular system, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal issues also.

Effort should be made both by parents and in school level to help the child to overcome the issues at an ease.

The activities should be fun, exciting and interesting to do for the children.

  • Household activities are best for children as they relearn to co-ordinate things, helpful for sensory feedback also. Mothers can ask for help to children and in turn let them clean their self, arrange books, pen and pencils, etc.
  • Outing in evening should be made mandatory to interact with other children, playing games.
  • Cycling can be introduced in supervision of parents, supporting to improve balance and posture.
  • Sea-saw, balancing on parallel bars, trampoline jumping can be included in play activities.
  • Marching, sitting on big balls and balancing with pelvis.
  • Putty making, colouring, playing musical instruments like piano, violin, drums, enhances the neuromuscular and vestibular system.
  • At school level yoga and stretching activities should be advised. Group yoga teaches to imitate other children and improves socialising issues. 
  • Stretching in form of movement of hands and legs in funny way can encourage children to do.
  • Box and blocks improves creativity.
  • Autistic children are fond of songs and dance, so group dance classes can be arranged.

Both mother and father should take time to spend with children and try to understand the problems they are facing and take the challenge to stay strong with them.