Friendship? Fights? Affect Your Physical and Mental Health


“Oh hey, how did you fare in this semester?”, her friend asked.

“Extremely well,” Pooja said bleakly.

This question is, naturally, an extremely common feature amongst friends. Pooja was amongst those who felt the need to hide and lie about their performances to avoid embarrassment before their peers.

Little did she know that her friend, Sonia was aware of how badly she had fared that semester and was waiting for her to confess the same.

A few days passed and Sonia confronted her again but Pooja was still too ashamed to admit anything. This went on for a while until Sonia finally confessed that she knew what the truth was and this led to a tiff between them. Their friendship was permanently damaged and trust was lost.

Friendships not only make you feel good but they also play a huge role in children’s health, well-being, and even survival. The lack of judgment or incapability to distinguish between good and bad company along with the association of the sheer number of friends to the popularity and “coolness” of individual leaves our kids vulnerable.

Ways in which you can avoid fights, solve them and not allow it to affect health

  • Never argue silly things, hold grudges over insignificant happenings and sometimes let their egos come in the way of their friendships.
  • Don’t hide things from your closest friends and breaching their trust in any way can adversely affect your relationship with them.
  • When we are at crossroads with a friend or a group of friends, try to sort out any kind of misunderstanding, we must remember that communication is key.
  • Always put forth your perspective, opinions, and feelings and calmly listen to what anyone else might have to say in order to sort things out. Honesty is a key component in avoiding arguments and fights as much as possible.
  • Always trust the person rather than questioning it or jumping to conclusions. Trust is a beautiful thing. Trust means to rely on someone to have your back in times where you’d need them to and without realizing the true meaning of trust, it’s something that we all build with people around us from a young age.

Teenagers today understand the value of trust in every friendship. Modern society is built on trust and in the absence of trust, fear rules. As these youngsters approach adulthood, different experiences with different people make them wary of whom they choose to trust. They learn to choose their inner circle carefully because trusting someone makes one vulnerable and they do not want to leave themselves vulnerable to anyone who would take advantage of it.

‘People were created to be loved, & Things were created to be used, the reason why the world is in chaos is that things are being loved and people are being used.’