Food Quirk: Learn How to Separate Facts from Fiction


The most amazing creature on this blue planet is certainly ‘Human being’ and so is their perception for food. While meeting the people I am very keen to know about their specific ways of cooking and the style of consuming the food. Interestingly, they have unique style of self-justification. Yes, keeping this style is very much due to the way we brought up in our families by giving ears to our elders sayings. Most of us are grew up by hearing Milk is a complete food, Banana and curd gives you cough, No Curd in Dinner to avoid cold, No ice-creams as it causes Cold , No milk if you have eaten fish and the list goes on.

Well, I too remember my childhood days, when I eat fruits and engulf the seeds by mistake, my grandma used to say, ‘’there will grow a tree in stomach’’. I somehow remember the process of photosynthesis then which says plants require water to grow and then only choice I left with was to drink less water so that plants growth shattered. However, I managed to understand this was illogical in later years.

Now, since this is my subject and I understand the chemistry of food metabolism, it’s easy to change the perception of food attributes. Those who still follow their conventional rigid style of cooking or eating , they should be happy to know that Food science Research has given the facts clearly with logic. Early, they understand, better they can pass on.

In this blog I am delighted to share some of the food myths that I have collected from my existing   patients and clients. Here are some of the myths, along with the facts.

Myth: I never give Oranges or its juice when my child is having cold/cough.

Fact: Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and it helps in our immunity building. This can be easily given as a fruit or in the form of juice. Both can be given as per the tolerance level of the body.

Myth: I never give fish and curd together to my son, as this combination can bring white patches or other skin disease to my child.

Fact: This kind of skin disease is a tropical disease and has nothing to do with the simultaneous combination of fish and milk (or milk products). No research study came up with any such data yet.

Myth: The green chili comes under hot food category, believing the heat is in seeds and cannot be given in summer.

Fact: Capsaicin present in the chili is the storehouse of heat. Seeds do not produce heat. If you tolerate its flavor in food, you can easily use chili by knowing the fact that it does not going to add any extra heat.

Myth: One should not drink water after eating watermelons, it can be dangerous.

Fact: Watermelon is itself full of majorly water, potassium and other nutrients. So, drinking water after eating it does not make sense but if at all you want, you can easily have. The only harm it may cause you will be the inconvenience to go lavatory.

Myth: Children should avoid runny Eggs; the extra heat of yolk gives stomach discomfort.

Fact: Eggs as a high biological value protein is a worth giving. Some children who develop intolerance to digest its protein or, any allergy is known, then one should avoid unless it’s good to include in daily diet.

Myth: My child is taking cold and flu vaccines, can’t give ice-cream now.

Fact: This is a widespread debate that you can offer ice cream to your children or not and then if children having cold/cough. So, the answer is Yes. Ice creams with plain flavor can be easily given and it is also prescribed after tonsillitis surgery. This has been tried and tested and nothing Harm giving to your child.

Myth: Avoid hot milk in summer as it causes body heat and indigestion.

Fact: Milk always cools your body. Choose Pasteurized Milk. The heating may alter the nature of some of its proteins and sugars, making it easier to digest.

Over the years the myths have forced the people to follow the false claims. Many a times because of the undeserved claims, one has to keep distance from their favourite food. Let us debunk our myths and follow the food principle behind it.

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