Energy Drinks and Child Nutrition


In today’s fast life and the era of ready to eat meals, the craze of energy drinks has become inevitable; call it a comfort food or a convenient drink, kids from practically any age group relish on it; at any given time. ‘Health/energy drinks’ are endorsed in a manner, which ensures complete physical and mental development.

Points which are covered below will help parents to weigh potential pros and cons before falling trap to the false claims by misleading advertisements.

  1. Sugar loaded: – Yes, you heard it right! Most of the commercial health drinks have sugar as their primary ingredient. Sugar being a natural taste enhancer is known to be a hidden ingredient in the form of malt or sweetener in that energy drinks. Sugar is a prime source of empty calories which does not contribute to any nutritional vitality. Prolonged use of sugar is associated with childhood obesity, repeated dental problems and some serious metabolic issues.
  2. Artificial colouring compounds and preservatives: – Having short shelf life, most of energy drinks have added doses of colouring compounds which can be detrimental to healthy growing cells.
  3. Gastric troubles: – Most of the energy drinks being loaded with emulsifiers, artificial compounds can often give gastric trouble like indigestion, flatulence, heart burn etc. In few cases, it is noticed, once combined with milk can aggravate the symptoms further.
  4. Decline interest in traditional food intake: – Considered as a convenient form of complete nutrition, it has been observed that kids demand energy drinks on a regular basis, skipping their traditional important meals. In most cases, it is considered as a shortcut and mistaken as complete nutrition.
  5. Perceived Nutritional Deficiencies:- Milk along with the flavoured malt or energy powder cannot be complete meal within itself, long term use of such energy drinks can deprive growing kids from other nutritional deficiencies ,which can hamper their physical and mental growth. Nothing can replace the traditional full meal as it ensures complete nutrition.
  6. Disproportionate weight gain: – Long run use of energy drinks is directly linked to increasing cases of childhood obesity. According to the latest survey conducted, it was visibly noticed that kids who were fed a healthy traditional and natural diet, were more likely to have better stamina and immunity, compared to counterparts, who regularly took energy drinks.


Use of energy meals should be kept to minimal or should be completely discouraged, as it does not hold any positive nutritional front. A child should be thought to eat more of organic and natural products, rather relying on the commercial health/energy drinks, as such products no way provide optimum nutrition to the growing child in any age group; where his nutrition defines his physical and mental development. They should no way be treated as a shortcut to complete nutrition.