How to improve limb movement in your newborn baby (0-3 months old)


Parenting is challenging as well as rewarding, when you see your child achieving developmental milestones at early age. Especially, the first few years are most nerve-wracking as its really confusing sometimes to decide what to do, how to do with our little bundle of joy to ensure that they reach their Developmental Milestones. So, here are expert developed activities to guide the new parents of 0-3 months old to engage their babies in parenting activities that will develop the newborn’s Gross Motor Skills. Give it a try to enjoy some good time with lots of giggles.

The child will be able to explore about different body movements

Impact on the child:
Development of Motor Skills

Benefits for child:

  • baby learns to move limbs

How to do this activity (to be followed carefully) –

  1. Let the child be in the supine position (lied on her back)
  2. Play some kids friendly music track (Not too close to her)
    Observe her responses (may exhibit some reflexes)
  3. Hold the hands of your child gently
  4. Move her hands up and down (stretching apart from proximity zone and again bringing close to chest /midline)
  5. Observe her responses
  6. Now hold both the legs gently
  7. Gently flex her legs to mimic bicycle movements
  8. Observe your baby’s response
  9. Keep communicating with your baby throughout the activity
  10. Repeat the steps 2-3 times, unless baby starts showing any discomfort

Note :
Avoid the activity if any discomfort is found in your child.

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