Breast Feeding Mothers: 5 Points to Remember When Eating Out


1.Eat proper nutritious food

Maintaining high nutritional status and good immunity should be the priority of every mother during the breastfeeding phase. Include whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet. Keep up your calcium and protein intake by consuming pasteurized milk, freshly made curds, cottage cheese ( paneer). Whenever consuming Non-vegetarian foods like eggs, chicken, beef, fish, etc. make sure they are fresh and are of good quality. You can also opt for organic options.

2.Avoid uncooked processed and canned foods

Nursing mothers should avoid foods containing trans fats, preservatives, soda-bi-carbonate, food colors and food additives. A lot of baked goods contains hydrogenated fat and margarine which can cause excessive weight gain and disturb blood lipid levels. Canned foods sometimes contain micro-organism which can infect mothers.

3.Excessive alcohol can be dangerous

Consuming alcoholic beverages occasionally, or drinking less than one drink per day is generally considered safe during breastfeeding. However, women who drink regularly on a more frequent basis can disturb their own and baby’s sleep cycle. This may eventually affect their feeding cycle and weight gain. Hence avoid consuming alcohol. If you still happen to consume alcohol, make sure you do not breastfeed your child for next 3 hours. You can make use of expressed breast milk during this time

4.Be hydrated and drink more water

When you eat out make sure you drink enough water so that you do not make your stomach upset which can result in acidity or constipation. Also drinking enough water will help you to consume fewer calories.

5.Avoid foods that cause flatulence or allergies to your body.

Sometimes certain foods cause gases, or stomach upset to mothers. Make sure you avoid uncooked foods and foods that cause bloating. Avoid excessive sugar and spicy foods. Avoid taking deep fried snacks and bakery products.


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