Baby Milestones : What To Expect During The first Month


It is very much important to understand the baby milestones that start at 1 month, to acknowledge the future development of your child. The important milestones found in the first month are as follows-


Your baby starts responding to the sounds, voices she hears near her. Mostly she loves to listen to her mother’s voice.


Usually, the baby has a bit of hazy vision. By the end of the first month, they start to see objects clearly.

Body weight as one of the baby milestones-

Weight is one of the important baby milestones that you should check in the first month. At birth, most of the body weight is water only. So, she gains weight while losing some water content.

Motor development-

The newborn tries to move her head towards any sound coming. She moves her hands, legs randomly. Palms are always clenched. Showing her pictures, toys will help her reach baby milestones.

Sensory development-

The newborn reacts to the mother’s touch only and is very sensitive to it. Through your touch sensation, she recognises when she is in stranger’s arms and finds it safe or unsafe.


The only source of food for the child is breastmilk. She needs to be fed in every 2 hours.


These are some quick, spontaneous reactions to any stimulus, that is found in a one-month-old child which shows the correct growth of the nervous system. Some of the essential reflexes found are-

  • Rooting reflex- If you touch the corner of the lip of the child, she turns her head towards the stimulus. This helps in getting close to the source of food.
  • Moro reflex- Any loud noise makes the child extend her arms and legs with turning her head towards the stimulus.
  • Sucking reflex- When you touch the upper palate of the mouth, the child will try to suck (take in ) the source of stimulus (i.e.Finger, nipple, bottle) inside mouth immediately.
  • Tonic reflex- If your child is made to turn on the side with the help of a stimulus like a sound or noise, she will turn her head, stretching her arms out towards the stimulus, and fold the other hand.
  • Grasp reflex- When the palm of the child is stroked, she grasps the object immediately by making a tight fist.
  • Stepping reflex- When the child is kept with tummy down position, she tries to move her legs like walking in the air.

Social and communication –

Your newborn only identify her mother’s voice and hence responds to her. Crying is the medium through which she tries to communicate.

You need to take into account all the baby milestones as mentioned above to monitor the growth of your one-month-old child. The journey to childhood begins from this stage. And it can be smooth if you maintain and keep a check on the milestones.

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