How can You Strengthen Your Newborn Baby’s Neck Muscle (0-3 months old)


Parenting is challenging as well as rewarding. Especially, the first few years are most nerve-wracking as its really confusing sometimes to decide what to do, how to do with our little bundle of joy to ensure that they reach their Developmental Milestones. So, here’s a video to guide the new parents of 0-3 months old to engage their babies in parenting activities that will develop the newborn’s Gross Motor Skills. Give it a try to enjoy some good time with lots of giggles.

The child will be able to control head

Impact on the child:
Development of Motor Skills

Benefits for child:

  • Improves neck holding
  • Strengthen neck muscle

Instructions (to be followed carefully)

  • Let the child be in the supine position (lied on her back)
  • Seat comfortably facing the child
  • Start communicating with her to grab her attention
  • Hold both hands of your baby
  • Gently pull your child (with both hands) up to sitting position (looks like pulling a swing from front slightly)
  • Notice her response (should not express any discomfort )
  • Child will try to hold neck steadily.
  • Keep communicating with her (will facilitate to look up)
  • Bring back to supine position (lying on the back)
  • Break for a few seconds (Keep communicating with the child)
  • Repeat the activity 2-3 times more, unless child shows discomfort.
  • Avoid the activity if the child exhibits any discomfort.
  • Do not pull the child to complete sitting position.

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