About Us

HappyDNA is working towards preventive healthcare, nutritional health and psychology needs in children to help bring-up the next generation of Indians healthier with a 360 degree coverage. Run by Doctors, IIT and IIM alumni, HappyDNA specialize in early detection through preventive check-up and to interventions through its mobile platform using innovative solutions and technology.

HappyDNA has identified two major areas to focus towards children health – NCDs and mental wellness. On both these vectors, HappyDNA address all of the 3 A factors by bringing in an accessible and affordable healthcare system while also increasing awareness. HappyDNA operate in a “Detect-&-Intervene” model through our preventive framework – regular physical checkup in partnership with hospitals, and personalized services to parents through our digital platform. Our panel of specialist doctors, psychologists and nutritionists across India help parents with every issue of their children’s health. HappyDNA even handle specific issues in children such as, autism, dyslexia, ADHD, diabetes control. Our model is to detect early and intervene at the onset for better outcome.


  1. Accurate identification of health issues – Regular checkups at schools covering physical, ENT, eye, dental checkup and psychology, nutrition profiling
  2. Health trend and analytical reporting through Health Dashboard
  3. One-stop place for child’s health : Individual health profile, archival of historical health records, nutrition profiling, psychology assessments on specific issues
  4. Analytical health monitoring : comprehensive growth trend of the child to monitor and predict probable health issues using historical data, vaccination alerts.


Nutrition Guide
  1. Workshop at schools: Focused workshop on specific nutrition issues based on student profiling of a particular school.
  2. Individual profiling: profiling of individual food habits and lifestyle through assessments developed by child nutritionists
  3. Virtual Nutri Coach: Daily personalised guidance from Virtual nutrition coach about child’s nutrition, based on physical activities and food intake. Developed by registered dietitians using system intelligence rule.
Psychology Guidance
  1. Workshops at schools: Focused group counselling on various psychological aspects of students and teachers
  2. Individual Screening: Individual behavioral profiling through assessments developed by child psychologists
  3. Direct Intervention: Anonymous direct counseling through the app; complete secrecy and security
  4. Parenting Solutions: Easy-to-use platform for parents to seek help; effective identification of problems and targeted solutions
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