About Us

HAPPYDNA is run by Doctors, IIT/IIM grads with a vision to provide Complete preventive care for child, focusing on early development stage up to 6 years. This being most crucial years of development in a child, we ensure every development need is fulfilled in our platform through our activity based parenting. Our preventive child care curriculum is based on WHO guidelines and is developed by child experts, doctors with cumulative exp of 250+ years in this field.

Some facts to worry:

  • Almost 14% children globally can not reach development milestones, and its increasing every year.
  • 58% Indian parents say there is too much information on parenting and that does not necessarily help them.

HAPPYDNA provides complete assistance to today’s parents through “Educate-Detect-Intervene” model, keeping in mind the age bracket and life events that a child goes through. This model engages parents in a omni-channel care method as mentioned here –

  • Activity based parenting in app will help parents achieve development milestones in child
  • Preschools based preventive curriculum, ensures complete care for child, including workshops with parents on parenting, child development, child nutrition etc.
  • HappyDNA child development clinic will ensure any crucial interventions are provided through experienced clinicians and therapists with highest level of quality care.

On the digital front, with 5000+ downloads and 21500+ impacted parents, HAPPYDNA is currently working on strengthening the product through activity based parenting and child development. HAPPYDNA is associated with preschools of Eurokids, Kidzee, Shemrock Kids, Bubble Blues Montessori.

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