6 Rapid But Healthy Ways To lose Your baby Weight


Congratulations ma’am! You and your husband are blessed with a baby, welcome to this roller coaster journey towards parenthood.

Pregnancy cuddles some physiological, emotional and physical changes in a woman’s body and to get back in shape needs time, perseverance and lots of clean eating. One such struggle for every new mom is to lose baby weight. A woman’s body needs at least a year to recover back from post pregnancy trauma, both physically and emotionally taxing. A time limitation, sleep deprivation, postpartum depression (in a few common instances) adds to her plight.

In an ideal situation, a woman gains around 10-14 kg through her nine months journey towards child-rearing. However, the numbers keep fluctuating based on other factors. After childbirth, nothing can make a new mum delighted if she can fit into her old pre-pregnancy clothes. It is advisable to start with mild exercise after two months in case of normal, vaginal delivery and in the case of c section; it should be resumed after three months. Post-delivery rest and having nutritionally complaint foods helps in better retrieval from postpartum blues. Let’s map out the guidelines for a new mum, who has to be super energetic to fulfil the requirements of her new-born and also to make her fitness her priority without bargaining on her nutritional needs.

Exclusive Nursing

A woman body can burn as much as 500 plus calories per day, just by exclusively breastfeeding her child. It is the best gift a mother can provide to her new-born. Six months of exclusive breastfeeding is recommendable.


Sleep is a significant aspect to facilitate healthy weight loss. A night of sound sleep will help to produce just about normal levels of stress hormone ‘cortisol’, which otherwise are often out of range in obese individuals. Women with high levels of serum cortisol levels find it tough to lose extra fat. Sleep is a crucial path towards the road of recovery and maintenance of stress levels, thus leading to lose baby weight healthily .

Breastfeeding is the laziest way of loosing your pregnancy weight. You can burn 600 to 800 calories everyday by doing nothing but simply nursing your baby.

Clean eating

Eating for a purpose and staying healthy is very important. Post-delivery diet is more of having essential nutrients and refraining oneself from refined and canned products. Foods that are natural galactogues are beneficial to produce good quality milk and also encourage road to weight loss. The brighter (with seasonal fruits and vegetables) the plate looks, the better nourishment it has. It is best to pick from earth directly, rather than to rely on nutrition from boxes.

Exercise and setting realistic goals

Resume mild daily workouts two months after childbirth. You can start with basic exercises like stretching; then gradually move on to yoga. Rest is equally important. Make it a priority. It is advisable to shed your baby weight at a slower pace in order to achieve sustainability and max out essential health benefits. As a new mum,  set practical, achievable and realistic goals. Start your weight loss journey by taking up exercises like walking, swimming, yoga, etc.

Scale up on hydration

New mums are often dehydrated, as drinking water at regular intervals is often forgotten or ignored. Water facilitates optimum digestion and a non-negotiable part of weight loss management. It is calorie free and helps in the production of superior quality of breast milk. Maintain optimum hydration levels by having low calories, nutritionally balanced fluids.

Bunk those whites

Avoid salt, refined cereals, refined flour, sugar, and its sub-products.  All of them are nutritionally inert and eventually get stored as fats, without backing up on any significant health benefits.

New mothers are often in haste to shed baby weight but to opt for the progressive fat loss would be sagacious, as post pregnancy transformation is not only about the physical transformation, but the change is likewise at the emotional level as well.

 ‘Loving yourself comes first to do impartiality to successful fat loss. Be patient and be consistent’. Remember ‘Rome  was not built in a day.’

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