16 Summer Drinks For Toddlers And Kids


#1. Lassi

This yummy drink is made with curd which is excellent for digestion, cardio-vascular health, skeletal system, skin and overall immunity. It is a rich source of calcium, vitamin D and protein.

#2. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice is rich in calcium, iron, magnesium ,potassium and many more micronutrients. It is rich in minerals also.

#3. Sweet lime lassi

Sweet lime contains Vitamin C and it is good for digestion, ulcers, respiratory problems.

#4. Solkadi

It is good as an appetizer/after meal drink, solkadi is also made with kokum/sol.

There are two varieties that you can make. One with coconut milk and the other without. While making solkadi for kids, you can omit chillies so they will relish it.

#5. Minty lemonade

lemons are rich sources of vitamin C. It helps to strengthen the immunity, help you deal with allergies, reduce chances of stroke and cancer and increasing iron absorption. It also helps to maintain a healthy complexion.

Apart from adding freshness, mint is good for the digestive system. It helps to fight cold, cough, allergies etc.

#6. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is yummy and a great summer drink for your little one. Know what the best part is, you can have many varieties of this humble drink. Don’t believe me? Read all about variety buttermilk recipes for toddlers and kids.

#7. Pomegranate juice

This berry packs a punch. It fights inflammation, lower blood pressure, heart diseases, joint pain, arthritis etc. It is used to combat fungal and bacterial infections.

#8. Easy panagam

[info]Summer drinks for toddlers[/info]

This drink is made and offered to the lord during Ram Navami. But it is loaded with benefits and makes a yummy summer drink as well.

Jaggery is good to fight the flu and boosts the immunity. It is good for the liver and purifies the blood. It helps to treat anemia, blood pressure, joint paint, respiratory problems etc. It is also good to regulate the body temperature.

Cardamom and dry ginger powder are spices that bring in their own benefits to this yummy drink. You can add one of two leaves of tulsi to this.

#9. Sapodilla banana shake

[info]Summer drinks for toddlers[/info]

Bananas are rich in calories, so if you worry that your little one is not gaining weight then this shake is a great choice. Bananas coupled with yet another calorie dense ingredient in this shake makes it awesome. That is right, sapodillas or chikoos are a tasty option to gain some healthy weight.

#10. Tender coconut water

This contains dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. It also contains electrolytes too making it a wonderful energy drink for summer.

#11. Papaya date shake

Papaya in a shake might sound a bit unappealing to kids. But the ripe fruit tastes yummy and with dates for company this makes a delicious drink. Papayas contain anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. This fruit is good for the digestive tract, immunity, arthritis, heart diseases etc.

Dates will help to keep the energy levels high. Apart from that it is good against constipation, cholesterol etc. Dates are good as it contains many vital vitamins and minerals.

#12. Rose sharbat

Rose sharbat is another summer cooler that kids will love. It will help to keep your little one cool. Rose is usually not the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of health. But then this drink will change your opinion about roses.

#13. Coconut milk and sapodilla shake

coconut milk and sapodilla(chikoo) makes a great duo.Coconut milk is also rich in many nutrients and helps in keeping your skin and hair healthy.

#14. Cucumber watermelon cooler

Transform your normal watermelon juice by adding some cucumber juice too! You know that watermelons are mostly water. It also contains anti-oxidants, vitamins and is excellent to hydrate the body.
Apart from keeping you cool, it also contains dietary fibre, sodium, vitamins A and K.

#15. Sarsaparilla extract juice

Sarsaparilla is our very own nannari/ naruneendi. It is known to cool the body down and hence is excellent for summer.

You get nannari syrup from shops but you can easily make it at home. You can get sarsaparilla roots from shops that sell Ayurvedic medicines / herbs.

#16. Kokum sharbat

Kokum (Garcinia indica) is used in dishes in the Goa and Maharashtra belt. It helps to cure digestive ailments and keeps flatulence away. It is also an effective anti-histamine.

Kokum sharbat will help to cool you down during the worst of summers and will help in keeping you refreshed. Kids will definitely love the taste.

Tips to remember:
  1. Always consume juices immediately after they are prepared. Or else they will oxidize and won’t be as good.
  2. If there is any leftover juice, don’t leave it outside as it can get spoiled in the heat.
  3. While juices are a good way to sneak some nutrients into your little one’s body, too much will cause your child to reject other food. It is true that they need a lot of fluids, but not so much that they give up eating anything solid.
  4. Too much juices may also cause loosies in your little one.
  5. Avoid letting your child walk around with sipper/bottles with juice. The sugar (even the naturally sweet juices) will cause their teeth to rot.
  6. Make sure the fruits are washed thoroughly before you juice it.

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