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7 Healthy Diet Resolutions Every Parent Should Make For Their Children in 2018

2018 has arrived. It’s time for New Year resolutions. At a time when food, nutrition, and good diet are the latest fads (rightly so!), it’s the duty of every parent to ensure that his/her child receives a balanced diet to stay healthy and fit round the year. Here are 7 best food resolutions you can […]

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It becomes quite difficult for a new mother to look after herself and her health after welcoming a baby in the house. We all know that women are constantly under physical and mental changes throughout their lives because of their biological system, and especially during pregnancy.  Pregnancy is a time when the mind overflows with […]

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7 Benefits of Introducing Ragi to Your Infant

Ragi or Finger millet, generically known as ‘ Eleusine Coracana’, is a gluten-free, calcium, iron, and fiber-rich millet. It contains an important amino acid called ‘Methionine’, which plays a vital role in the synthesis and production of other important amino acids. Ragi, being gluten-free is easily absorbed by the infants gut and digested by their still- […]

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Overspending Habits of Children

Parents want to provide their children everything, and that’s a very natural reaction. They want their child to have a life, which they were not fortunate enough to have. Kids today have different needs to stay ahead and competitive in the game, which is why their needs can be pretty expensive too. You may or […]

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Breast Feeding Mothers: 5 Points to Remember When Eating Out

1.Eat proper nutritious food Maintaining high nutritional status and good immunity should be the priority of every mother during the breastfeeding phase. Include whole grains, fresh fruits, and vegetables in your daily diet. Keep up your calcium and protein intake by consuming pasteurized milk, freshly made curds, cottage cheese ( paneer). Whenever consuming Non-vegetarian foods […]

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